You look good on paper, now it's time to seal the deal. Credit: Getty You look good on paper, now it's time to seal the deal.
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Congratulations! You landed a job interview at your dream company!


A lot of hard work has gone into determining which companies to apply to, network with, write fantastic cover letters for and submit applications to.

You should be proud you made it past the initial resuméscreen. It means you look great on paper. Now it’s time to prove you are even better in person!

Get organized

Write down the date, time and location of your interview in your smartphone or date book right away.

Tip:Ask the recruiter for key information like the name of your interviewer and the interview style to help you prepare in the below steps.

Research the company

Their website:Check out their mission statement, values/competences, services or products, case studies, awards, blog and executives. Be confident you can summarize why you want to work at the company and why you are a great fit with this company in particular.

Job site:See what current job openings they have other than your specific interest. This will give you a well-rounded view of the company.

LinkedIn:Do they have a company page? Any relevant information that isn’t on their website?

Google search:Look for press releases and any awards or information that the company may not have highlighted on their website.

Tip:Print off any key information and highlight it or take notes. Don’t be afraid to take this prep package with you to the interview in a folder so they see you are prepared. Also, write down any questions you have to ask to determine if the company is the right fit for you and you are the right fit for them.

Get the REAL story via social media

●Check out their Facebook page to see photos, comments and general company news. This can be a great place to see company social event photos.

●See if they have a Twitter account or a company #hashtag so you can see what your future colleagues are tweeting about.

●See if there are any employee videos on YouTube.

Tip:Seeing the inside scoop from current employees helps you understand your future colleagues and the“real”experience working at Company X!

Research your interviewers

If you have the interviewer names, check them out on LinkedIn. See how long they have been with the company, which positions they have held, what their interests are, who they might know in your network, etc.

Tip:You can use this information when asking them about their experience at Company X or when asking questions at the end of the interview. Example:“I see that you have been at Company X for 5 years and have worked in the recruiting and marketing teams–tell me why you love working here…”This shows you went above and beyond in your research.

Research the industry

●What are top trends in the industry right now?

●Why do you feel this industry is a great fit for you?

●Who are the biggest competitors of this company?

Tip:Use this information when they ask you the questions“Why do you want to join company X?”or“What interests you about this industry?”Show that you are passionate about the industry and well versed!

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