Protecting against storm damage is something that Joseph Schlenk, the director of sales for storm-proofing experts Deltec Homes, says homeowners can do with some basic, inexpensive steps.

1 Roofs
First, he says, start at the top: “Protect your roof — it’s vital,” stresses Schlenk. “Look at the shingles and the tie-downs. Install extra braces in the trusses to prevent the roof from being blown off. If the shingles are cracked or curled, glue them down. If moisture intrudes inside the house, then you’ve got real problems.”

2 Old trees
“Look around the home to check for trees with heavy old limbs that can fall. That’s the most common home damage after a storm. Another thing to remember is that it isn’t just the home that can get damaged,” he adds. “Falling trees also kill.”

3 Doors and windows
“Garage doors are flimsy; they aren’t made to withstand high winds. Bracing kits are inexpensive and they withstand up to 140 mph wind.” Beefier hinges, storm windows and shutters are excellent additions too, he says.

Blow this house down?

Dealing with Mother Nature’s more tempestuous side is something that North Carolina-based Deltec Homes ( knows too well. Retrofitting for storm protection is one thing, but Deltec’s specialty is energy-efficient, eco-friendly, pre-fabricated, circular homes that deflect hurricane-force winds. “Older homes are usually more prone to damage,” says Schlenk. “Each year, with each major storm, the building code standard is raised.”