Maybe it started with “Mad Men” and our obsession with all things mid-century, or the fact that we just love cocktails, but bar carts have surpassed “trend” status to become a full-fledged design staple.

Of course, it’s not enough to just throw a bunch of bottles on your cart. The trolley — like your curated coffee table — needs some thought.

We caught up with Susan Feldman, co-founder of one of our favorite decor sites, One Kings Lane, for tips on styling what’s fast becoming our happy place.



Not just for happy hour
Not a drinker? Don’t let that stop you. “There are a million other uses for a bar cart, which is one of the great reasons to buy one,” says Feldman. She suggests subbing the versatile piece in for a side table, placing potted plants on it for a mini interior garden or stashing that eyesore of an office printer on it. “It’s great because you can place the printer at the bottom and make the top look beautiful.”

Top shelf
If you’re going to have alcohol on it, display the pretty stuff, says Feldman. “You can find really beautiful bottles of whatever you like to drink, and those become decorative.” One bottle she loves is St-Germain.


Get creative
Think beyond booze. “Find a decorative object to put on your cart so it’s not just about the bottles and the liquor,” says Feldman. “It could be a sculpture or a piece of artwork.” Also on her list: a lamp. “It creates a focal point on top of the cart.”

HOM_Cwonder_0813 C.Wonder tray, $20,

The trick to taking your cart from “meh” toPinterest-worthy iscontainers, says Feldman (pictured). “Instead of laying out your bar tools, put them in a mint julep cup,” she suggests. “When you contain things inside of things, everything looks a little more orderly.”

Bar Essentials

— Decorative glasses
— A fun recipe book
— Beautiful cocktail
— napkins
— Candle and matches
— Fun straws: “Put these in a container and now you’re creating different heights on the bar, which look interesting.”
— Swizzle sticks

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