Never mind the recession. Workers can still find ways to do less and get away with it, says the author of a tongue-in-cheek look at the workplace, “How to Relax Without Getting the Axe.”

The secret is learning and adapting the tricks of powerful, successful people, says Stanley Bing, whose book hit shelves last week.

“It’s a perilous workplace environment but, that said, it should be possible to learn from the way that successful people manage their time and manage their careers,” he says. “It is a handbook for people who haven’t yet attained what they would consider powerful status, to be able to use some of the same tricks that their bosses do and make it work.”


His book is loaded with strategic tips such as how to delegate (which he says is “at the heart of all power”), how to justify an expense-paid business trip, and how to create the illusion of an office door for privacy in an open workplace of cubicles.

“You use other people,” he says. “This is what successful people do in all business, in all walks of life.”

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