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For all you fashionistas jet setting from Fashion Week to Fashion Week this month, British Airways has tips on how to travel in comfort and style. Of course, most of us aren’t bouncing from New York to London to Milan to Paris to sit front row and pick out our seasonal favorites from famous designers’ runways — but who doesn’t want to improve their flight experience?

Use the flight time to de-stress

• Take advantage of your airline’s amenities. Items like eye masks and ear plugs will help you drift off quickly.


• If you have difficulty switching off, listen to a soothing music playlist or look for relaxation channels on the in-flight entertainment. Using mobile devices will just keep your brain active for longer.

Keep it simple and comfortable

• Leave your stilettos in your carry-on, and travel in loose clothing with breathable material.

• Flying dries your skin out, so keep your favorite lip balm and lotions handy to make sure you look fresh on arrival.

Eat smart, drink smart

• Fashion Week runs on caffeine, but try switching out espresso for herbal tea when you travel as it will help you unwind. Some teas can help with stress and others with digestion. British Airways serves a tea specifically designed to taste good at 30,000 feet.

• Drink plenty of water. Hydration during your travels is key to looking awake and feeling your best when you’re sleep-deprived.

• Eat light, healthy meals that will give you the energy to race around to all the events.

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