Kate Hudson has sunken her teeth into another poor, unsuspecting talent of our generation. Remember, she was recently dumped by A-Rod because she smothered him by showing up to all his games. Basically, she was the real-life incarnation of “How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days,” but without any sense of irony.


It has now come to our attention, via Perez


Hilton.com, that Hudson has just snagged Muse frontman Matt Bellamy. Sources say they’ve only been dating a month but that it’s getting serious quite fast. They’re even looking to come out as a couple at the Glastonbury Festival later this month.


“Matt has been over to America to hang out with Kate,” says the source. “Things are going so well, Kate was planning to fly out to the U.K. to hang out with Matt at the festival. She wants to watch the band from the side of the stage and meet his pals.”

Sure. Then she’ll be at his next gig and the one after that and the one after that. Looks like Hudson could soon be channeling her groupie “Penny Lane” character in “Almost Famous,” but with a pale, borderline gothy dude who riffs on Rachmaninov. We give it six months.

– Today’s Word was written by Heidi Patalano.