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Humidity-proof your hair

You can do better than a ponytail, says our expert.

We’re about to reach peak humidity this week, but that doesn’t mean a basic updo is your everyday solution.

“If I see one more topknot on the train,” exclaims Jenny Balding Cutler Salon/ Redken styling and grooming expert. “We can use our imagination more than that.”

Here, she tells us how to look cool despite the steamy temps.

Dry shampoo is your new BFF


Shorter hair is so on-trend right now and “not everyone can pull their hair back since they’ve chopped it into the latest texturized bob,” Balding points out. Her solution for those whose only option is to leave their hair down: Use a dry shampoo — even on clean hair. “Don’t save your dry shampoo for when your hair is oily,” she says.“Use it as a styling tool and it will prevent your hair from getting slick or sweaty quicker.” Balding says once you’ve washed your hair, style it or let it air dry then spray dry shampoo all through the roots and midline. “It’s going to give you some body.”

Step-up your updo

Face it, when the heat wave comes on, everyone just wants their hair off their neck. “Boxer braids are so on-trend at the moment, but if you can’t do that, just use your imagination to style it a bit differently,” advises Balding. Her suggestion: Sweep your hair to the side, twist it and pin it “to still make it look stylish but not your usual topknot — which everyone and their granny is doing right now.”

Another look Balding is loving: statement hair accessories. “Even doing a half-up, half-down and using a nice clasp in the back just to bring that together,” she says. To achieve the look, the stylist says take half the hair from just above the ear bring it back just above the nape, and then use a barrette to hold it together. ​We like the Sylvain Le Hen barrette, $50, quietstorms.com

Don’t fight your curls

For curly hair, it’s all about moisturizing your locks. “Don’t fight your curls,” says Balding. “Look at what you can do to make your texture work for the humidity instead of trying to get, say, the perfect beachy wave. If your hair is going to be really curly, it’s going to be really curly.”Balding recommends applying a deep moisturizing treatment twice a week, from midlength to the ends of your hair. “That’s going to put you on a good track, because once your hair is more moisturized, it’s less likely to get frizzy and go absolutely mental when you step outside,” she says.

Balding also recommends using a light styling cream. She likes Redken’s Frizz Dismiss Rebel Tame. “It really cuts the frizz.”

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