If you spread a 'What People Think I Do' meme, we will unfriend you and not feel bad

We get it. You have a job.

If there's one argument we instinctively dislike, it's the "We give every kid a trophy nowadays, and it's raising them up to think they are special snowflakes deserving of our eternal adoration" one. Every mature adult since the dawn of time has thought this about young people, and it's utter BS: Young people today are annoying, yes, but they are no more annoying than young people have been for thousands of years.


Still, though, y'all need to cool it with those "What [X] Thinks I Do" memes.


We get it. You have a hard job! Sometimes you want to commiserate with your coworkers about how your 9-to-5 is rough. But there's something awkwardly self-mythologizing about the whole thing, as if "systems analyst" was a controversial job the public had intense debates over.


Honestly, we look forward to the day when we no longer have opinions on memes. But until that time comes, we'll just have to fight against them. The next time an annoying person from high school puts up a totally LOL-worthy "How people view my profession" meme, give them this image, made by an unknown genius:


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