Metro examines arecent U.S. surveythat shows moreworking moms arereturning to thehomestead.

Public Opinion

In a recent survey, 42% of the U.S. population think mothers should not work at all, 40% think mothers should work full-time, 12% part time and 6% aren't sure.

For years, the majority of women have chosen to work rather than stay at home. But according to data, the trend seems to be reversing.

On average, 54% of mothers across the globe are employed.


Sweden and Netherlands have the highest share of working moms (76%), Belgium has 66%, and the United States has the lowest percentage of working mothers at 61%.

Sources: Pew Research Center, U.S. Bureau of Labor; State of the World's Mothers Report;; Gallup Healthways Well-being Index;; American Journal of Sociology.

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