New Instagram Feature: Instagram Mute coming soon

Credit: Instagram

There is a new Instagram feature that that is being rolled out that will give users a new way to control what they see on their Instagram feeds. The new Instagram Mute feature will give users the option to personalize their own feed by hiding posts from certain accounts without necessarily having to unfollow them. The Facebook-owned company already had a mute feature available for Instagram Stories, but now users will be able to mute Instagram accounts. 

According to Instagram, when you mute an Instagram account, you’ll still be able to see posts on their profile page when you go there directly and will still receive a notification when you’re tagged in posts or comments, but as long as you’re using the Instagram mute function, you won’t see any of their posts in your timeline.  

Will the other person know when they've been muted on Instagram?

The great thing about this new Instagram feature is that the other person will not know when they have been muted. 

How to use Instagram Mute

In the top right corner of the post, tap the three little dots (…). You should see the option to mute that Instagram account’s posts or mute stories they post.


Instagram Mute: How to use Instagram's latest feature

Credit: Instagram

Alternatively, you can go directly to that person’s Instagram account, tap the three dots at the top right and mute their posts from there.

This new feature will be a game changer for anyone wishing to hide people on their timeline.  For example, if you know someone who is posting way too many pictures of their trip to Jamaica, you could easily put them on mute for a few days so your Instagram feed isn’t flooded with posts of that person over sharing instead of unfollowing them. 

I don’t see Instagram Mute

According to Instagram, the new mute feature will be “rolling out over the coming weeks.” Make sure you keep checking the App Store or Google Play to make sure your Instagram app is updated to the latest version.  You could also check Instagram's Help Center for additional information. 

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