Tiger’s terrible trauma continues (seriously, he’s slept with more skanks than Jon Gosselin, which is saying a lot). No. 11 on the mistress list is porn star Holly Sampson who has appeared in such Oscar-worthy films as “Descent Into Bondage” and “Diary of a Horny Housewife” and, according to Huffington Post, may or may not be a call girl. Life & Style claims that an audio recording of Tiger Woods having phone sex is being shopped around while over at Perez Hilton.com it’s being reported that he gave another mistress Jamie Jungers cash to get lipo on her thighs.


Seeing as how so many women and fantastic stories are coming out of the woodwork, we’re not going to be surprised if tomorrow we’re letting you know that he had a tryst with a magical unicorn.


Even though we doubt all of these claims are true, but even if only half of them are, we have to ask: Tiger, if you knew you liked this much tail, why get married in the first place?