An example of one of the profiles eightytwenty us using on Tinder.


Well, here's a new way to use Tinder. Ad agency eightytwenty hired three models for which they created Tinder profiles for. In the first photo, each woman is striking a sultry pose. But as you scroll through the other photos, each woman starts to look haggard, showing signs of abuse.

Eightytwenty's goal is to raise awareness about sex trafficking. Two of the slides state, "Your options are to swipe left or right. Sex trafficking victims have no options. You have the option to help end it now."

Cathal Gillen, who works at eightytwenty, told Mashable that Tinder is a "standout way of communicating with men the issues faced by women involved in sex trafficking."

While sex trafficking is certainly an important topic that needs to be talked about, it's up for debate as to if Tinder is the right platform to go about it. On the one hand, the information may be reaching an audience who might not normally educate themselves on the topic. On the other hand, one successful advertising ploy could turn lead to others attempting a similar method, inundating dating apps with unwanted ads.


What do you think? Is it OK to do this on Tinder? Share your thoughts by commenting.

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