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There's a lot of people out there who talk smack about the Kardashians, but there are even more out there who can't get enough of reality TV's royal family. Consider this: Kim Kardashian's first app, Kim Kardashian: Hollywood, racked up $200 million last year, according to Bloomberg. Think of all the bodycon dresses she can buy with a cut of that.

Now, a new Kardashian app --- Kim.Guru --- is out, this time reporting the weather and what Kardashian would wear. Today, for example, Kim.Guru reports that the forecast is 82 degrees with a chance of rain and Kardashian would wear black pants, open-toed heels and a black tunic/robe with no shirt underneath. Now aren't you glad you know that so you can dress like a celebrity, even if it violates your office's dress code policy?

Kim.Guru was created by Bullett magazine and Bravo, in a joint collaboration. "Rain or shine, Kim has an outfit," the app reads. Who needs Al Roker when we have Kim to tell us the weather?

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