When you’re away from your significant other it’s luckily easy to stay in touch with apps like Snapchat, Instagram, text messages and so on. But it actually just got a little easier with a new app called "You & Me."

The app basically combines some of the best sharing features on social media app - everything from videos, pictures to sharing a favorite song with your boo. You start off by writing the name of yourself and your partner.

Then the app creates a cute logo with the first initials of your names. After that you are ready to share whatever with your loved one. It’s like sending a text message, but everything is here: the pictures, the videos, the songs, the voice and the secrets.

When you take a photo, there are different filter options like you know from other picture apps like Instagram. That way you can always look your best when you send your boo a selfie. The app is also connected to Spotify so you can send the perfect love song to keep things sweet between just the two of you.


A really fun feature is "The Secrets." You send a picture (maybe with a note), and your partner has to wipe the screen to see the picture and note. You can watch the picture again and again, but it will stay hidden for everyone around you, until you wipe. This is your chance to get creative with love notes or silly photos.

The only unnecessary feature in the app is the "Halfsie." It’s a picture where you combine your own body with your partners face or vice versa. The idea might have seemed good in theory, but it’s not something you will use more than once or twice.

You can download the app for free in App Store and Google Play.

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