Earning respect and credit in a highly competitive office can be an acrimonious affair, incurring shifting conference room alliances, confidence-sapping wisecracks and thinly veiled stare-downs over your right to present a PowerPoint.

If you’d like to make that battle for workplace recognition even more thankless and exhausting, women career guides like Suzanne Doyle-Morris recommend you enter an often male-dominated field like law or finance as a woman.

“A lot of my clients are women who work in those areas and for them, infiltrating is a real challenge,” the author of “Beyond the Boys’ Club” says. “Historically, we think of networking as something that has to be done in the pub, on the golf course and other areas where not most women or even all men identify with.”


Yet Doyle-Morris says that woman need not waste their time trying to include themselves to a closed-off oligarchy. If key decisions are being reached after-hours over pints of beer, then she advises you to “carve out time during the day to network.”

Meanwhile, don’t let your accomplishments go unacknowledged — and it helps to brag in quantifiable terms.

“Measurements matter to men,” says Women For Hire CEO Tory Johnson. “Businesses are run by the numbers, and if you can make your case with statistics, people will pay attention.”

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