Does anyone else find it funny when rail-thin actresses talk about “having curves” after childbirth? Even though we all know they started on a broth diet and leg squats two minutes after the doctor cut the cord? If yes, then Nicole Kidman’s interview with Entertainment To-night Canada is hilarious. In it, she says her extra weight helped her get the role as a sultry knock-out in “Nine.”


“[I had] big boobs be-cause I was breast-feeding — I was perfect for it,” she says. It’s amusing how Hollywood has such a differ-ent definition of “big” than the rest of the world, isn’t it?

A double Pratt attack
Like we didn’t see this coming. Heidi and Spencer Pratt told The Associated Press that they’re ready to leave MTV’s “The Hills” and star in their own reality show. “You don’t get to see our everyday lives and what we do,” Heidi complained. If that’s true, how is it we all know every mundane thing about you?