We aren’t making this up — but Jeremy London may be: London, former star of “Party of Five” and “7th Heaven,” claims he was approached by two men while he was changing a tire in Palm Springs. He says they kidnapped him at gunpoint, forced him to smoke dope and crack cocaine, and then buy and distribute booze in a “gang area,” according to police reports. After 12 hours, London was able to get away.


“Although understandably shaken and scared, he is currently working closely with law enforcement as they investigate the horrific turn of events,” a rep for London told E! News. And, actually, the police have arrested someone.


London checked into rehab last year for an addiction to prescription drugs.


It sounds suspicious, but can you imagine how happy the people in “the gang area” were when Griffin Holbrook was giving out alcohol? He’s like the patron saint of ’90s shows past.