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I was beginning to wonder when J.Crew would close the sequin chapter. After a solid two years of covering everything — including blouses, coats and jeans — in crystals, the design team has moved on to an idea that’s equally fun and decadent: fur, which this season comes on knit jumpers, coats and scarves. But some of the strongest moments, such as a minimalist charcoal grey dress with a flared skirt or a navy blue jacket with cropped trousers in Yves Klein blue, don’t have any embellishments at all. Who would have thought? In that regard, this is arguably the brand’s most balanced collection yet, with just enough trimmings for the magpies of the world, without alienating anyone who doesn’t like their knitwear tricked out in tinsel. For more visit www.modmods.com

The major trends
Plays on texture and embellishments, shaggy, teddy bear-like furs

What this will mean for your wardrobe
J.Crew will continue to be the irresistible retail temptation it’s been for the past five years.
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