Your typical college uniform of sweatpants and flip flops doesn't need to follow you to campus again this year. Arrive with a fresh look this fall. Metro caught up with fashion expert and creative director and judge for "America's Next Top Model" Jay Manuel at the Playstation's launch of Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception in NYC. Jay offers college students his best tips for staying chic on a budget.

What's easy, cheap and great for being on campus for the ladies?

Right now there is a huge 70's influence in fashion, in a chic way... so it's much more of a flare leg, but not that traditional 70's bell. What I would say is go someplace even like The Gap. They've got amazing flare-legged jeans that don't look too retro and you're not going to break the bank. You can pair that up with anything. If you want to wear a Henley tee and just a pair of heels, you look chic. Or if you want to dress it up, throw on a plain white shirt and throw on a gray pinstriped blazer. It's not expensive. Jennifer Aniston does that look a lot and it looks chic. So you can meet with your professor or go to class, take it off, roll up the sleeves and you'll always look in style.

What about for the guys?


I'd like to take this opportunity to say: Guys, let's ixnay the flip flop-ay at school... and maybe the sweatpants. If you look at the huge influence in fashion right now, you can just wear a pair of jeans-- try not to wear the same pair everyday, you can get a couple-- and just throw on Henley shirts and do a bit of the half-tuck. Throw on a scarf, jacket.. it's so simple. From John Varvatos to Ralph Lauren, all of the collections are showing that style.

What's your favorite new fall trend?

I love the wider leg trouser that is hemmed longer for women when they are wearing heels so that it goes to the floor. I love that trend both on guys and girls, because they are showing flare legs on guys, as well. It's the most universally flattering silhouette. Not everyone looks good in a skinny. I'm not a person to dictate size. Fashion is about proportions. With that pant, you can cheat proportions really well.

What is a fashion trend you hate?

I really, really can't stand when people try and tie in Uggs into fashion. I think they are great. I own Ugg slippers, but I don't wear them out and about.

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