STY_Beach_gurneys_0724 Gurney’s recently underwent a modern revamp, including 38 new luxury suites with private terraces overlooking the ocean.
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As the new food and beverage director at Gurney’s Montauk Resort & Seawater Spa, Jennifer Oz LeRoy has spent a lot of time analyzing the best foods to enjoy while in a bikini. “You want cool, refreshing, light food — nothing too messy. You want to keep it elegant. You’ve done all that working out to look great on the beach, compliment it with some good food," saysthe 35-year-old. She helped create the menus for the resort including the Beach Club, the only full-service restaurant to serve on the beach in the Hamptons. Here, she tells us what to bring in our cooler.

1.Avoid messy burgers and heavy sandwiches that will leave you feeling bloated. LeRoy says pack some grilled chicken or shrimp on easy-to-grab skewers.

2.Cold fries suck,plus they do nothing for your cut-outMara Hoffman suit. For your salt fix she suggests a bag of sweet potato chips.
Bunch of red grapes


3.Craving a guilt-free sweet treat? LeRoy recommends throwing some fruit, like grapes, in the freezer the night before.


4.A few glasses of rosé and you’re snoozing on the beach. LeRoy says go with an Arnold Palmer. “You can even mix flavors, like a peach or raspberry iced tea, for a little extra flavor.”

Her Montauk
As the heiress and former owner of the famed NYC restaurants, Tavern on the Green and The Russian Tea Room, LeRoy knows the spots to hit. Here are three of her East End faves.

• “I love seeing the sunset at Navy Beach.”

• “Harbor is fun at night. And it’s not yet on everyone’s radar.”

• “Calypso St. Bart is my secret weapon.”

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