Jillian Michaels, the bombastic personal trainer on the reality series “The Biggest Loser” is currently on a 34 city “Maximize Your Life” speaking tour. She coached this season’s winner Danni Allen, who lost an astonishing 121 pounds or 47% of her body weight. Before her appearance at the Kimmel Center in Philadelphia on May 3, Michaels answered a few questions for us.

What is the primary reason you have gone on the road and what can people expect?
I have gone out on tour to talk with people — share their space, energy, thoughts and feelings so I have a direct connection with the audience. I absolutely love this medium and have found it’s the absolute best for providing life-changing information and inspiration.

Will you be use your signature tough-love approach with your audience?
On The Biggest Loser, I have to be tough- It's a job that involves a life or death intervention on a time frame. In all other aspects of my business like books, podcast, dvd's and this tour it's about providing information and inspiration.


Do you ever feel not motivated?
Sure, I absolutely have off days, but I follow the very same steps I am going to teach people during my Maximize Your Life show to stay on track.

Do you think there are people that your approach will not work on?
Sure. Nobody can please all of the people all of the time. With that said, if you are referring to my approach on "The Biggest Loser," that is a life or death intervention on a time frame. The techniques I use on that show are not techniques I need to employ in other aspects of my work. My books, DVD's, podcasts and live show are about information and inspiration — not an intervention.

What is your favorite exercise and food?
I love Parkour and MMA training. I enjoy all kinds of foods in moderation as long as they are as chemical free as possible.

What is more important: diet or exercise?
They are equal. If you do one but not the other you are in neutral – not gaining, but not losing. To effectively lose weight you must do both.

What is your regular exercise routine?
I work out intensely about 4 times a week for 30-45 minutes utilizing body weight training modalities.

What is the main focus of the tour/your main goal?
To help people identify the ways in which and reasons why they sell themselves short and hold themselves back. Then I give them the tools and information to attack their inhibitions and unleash their potential so they can blast through obstacles and make their goals and dreams a reality.

Do you have any tips on staying motivated?
1. Identify your why. If you have a strong vision of the ways in which your life will improve by staying healthy and following your goals and dreams you can tolerate any how.

2. Set your environment up for success. Remove temptation and surround yourself with positive imagery that incentives you to continue pursuing your dreams.

3. Instead of managing stress and sad feelings destructively with food, alcohol or compulsive over spending nurture yourself in ways that are life affirming. Get a manicure pedicure. Take a bubble bath. Give yourself an at home facial. Engage in hobbies you love and enjoy.

4. Build support. This is so critical. We spend most of our waking hours with others. The stronger your support system the better set up for success you are.

5. Think it through. When you are about to make a bad choice – STOP – and think through the consequences of your actions. While housing the pizza or telling your boss to piss off might sound good in the moment the lasting ramifications are extremely detrimental and when thoroughly thought through help you make better choices.

If you go
Maximize Your Life with Jillian Michaels
Wednesday, 7:30 pm
Lowell Memorial Auditorium
50 East Merrimack St., Lowell
$35-$55; VIP tickets $147.50

Friday, 8 p.m.
Academy of Music
240 S. Broad St., Philadelphia
$40-$60, VIP tickets $125

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