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Jillian Michaels' tips for looking hot and staying motivated

Jillian Michaels launches a new fitness apparel line at Kmart.

Abs not included. Credit: Provided Abs not included.
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For some, it may seem like a no-brainer for "Biggest Loser" coach and fitness guru Jillian Michaels to expand her enterprise to include athletic wear, but Michaels says it's taken her eight years to get it right. "To be honest with you, I've never been one to love workout clothes because they just haven't had a very cool aesthetic and they haven't worn great over the years," Michaels tells us at her launch event.

Michaels says she has especially been hyper-aware of how athletic gear looks because she's been wearing it on TV and in magazines for years. But looking good wasn't enough for Michaels; she wanted to put out a line that performed well at a price everyone could afford. "When I think about my customer, it's a student in college struggling to make ends meet, or a mom with two kids struggling to make ends meet, or someone in retirement struggling to make ends meet, so affordability was really important to me," Michaels says.


Impact by Jillian Michaels is available at Kmart and the most expensive clothing item is $25. The line is broken down into four categories: core, lifestyle, yoga and running. "Core you can really wear for everything, but yoga and running are both very sports-specific," she says. "For yoga, you really need a shirt that isn't going to ride-up if you're doing a shoulder-stand or a zipper poking your leg when you're in pigeon. And for running, you need shirts and shorts that won't chafe."

Cute gym clothes may be enough to get you excited for the first week of exercising, but Michaels says if you want to stay motivated to work out on a regular basis, they key is to have a specific goal in mind. "It's very important to establish a 'why,'" Michaels says. "You'll choose exercise and a healthier meal over pizza and being lazy when you have a specific goal in mind, like feeling sexier with your partner or more confident at the office. Work with purpose is passion. Work without passion is punishment."

We rounded up some of our favorite products from the line here:

These shorts have an extra layer to prevent chafing.

Double-layer performance shorts, $16.99 Credit: Provided Double-layer performance shorts, $16.99
Credit: Provided

Michaels tells us these capris are one of her favorites in the line because they hit at just the right length below the knee and don't ride down in the back.

Power Capri Pants, $21.99 Power Capri Pants, $21.99
Credit: Provided

The smooth fabric in this top keeps moisture away - no gross sweat spots!

Long-sleeve performance top, $18.99 Credit: Provided Long-sleeve performance top, $18.99
Credit: Provided

The mesh lining in this sports bra makes it ideal for yoga, walking or running.

Sports Bra, $14.99 Sports Bra, $14.99
Credit: Provided

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