If the job market, your tanking 401K, the future of your do-nothing, no-good children or the recent developments between North and South Korea aren’t keeping you up at night, then this will: It seems like Justin Bieber has done something with his hair. But what, exactly, did he do?

Over the weekend, millions of Bieber fans were debating this same question on Twitter when the young singer debuted a different hairdo while at a signing for his book “First Step 2 Forever” in New York.

Fan @OhMyitsBeliebe was at first dismayed by the change, but then seemed to come around to the new look. “when i see Justin Bieber new Hair i was Shocked i really was cant Believe that happened :P ,but now i Seriously Love it,” she tweeted (we’ve left her thoughts unedited so you get the full effect). However, @jbiebers0shawty was in disagreement, saying, “justin bieber’s hair was cuter before...”. But then @bieberlovingox threw some major controversy into the Interwebs, tweeting “Justin Bieber didn’t cut hes hair. he flipped it to the other side. :) and it makes him hotter. ;).”

If we say we think it looks the same — without using emoticons — does that mean we’re old?