kelly-osbourne01 This is just chapter one for Kelly Osborne's fashion career.
Credit: Donato Sardella/Women's Wear Daily

Sharon Osbourne isn't the only smart cookie in the rock 'n' roll family. Daughter Kelly has parlayed her gig as fashion expert on E! network's fashion police to full blown designer. The 29-year-old will launch her first contemporary fashion line, Stories…By Kelly Osbourne, with HSN reports Women's Wear Daily.

The line, which retails from $55 to $170, hits HSN on Sept. 25. And like everything else these days there's an interactive element. Osbourne will also launch a Web site where fans can share photos of themselves in the looks as well as their experiences.

Yes, there are so many celebrity-helmed fashion lines but why we aren't rolling our eyes at Osbourne's effort is because the TV personality is creating her clothes with real women in mind.


“Because I have been everything from a size 0 to pretty much almost a 16, depending on the brand, it made me realize all the tricks I had learned to cover up certain areas or to detract from certain areas, and what I like in clothing,” said Osbourne. Stories will range from size 0 to 24.

“It’s really unfair that America has this disillusion that the most common size is size 14, and that’s only because that’s as big as most fashion designers go,” continued the out-spoken star. "My mission is not to be the number-one fashion designer in the world. I’m not trying to change or come up with anything that people haven’t already done. I’m just trying to make fashion fair and make good quality basics available to all women.” Preach!

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