Besh Box Still need an idea for the Foodie in your life? Try a Besh Box.



Your makeup lovers count on their monthly subscription of shampoos and mascara from Birch Box to satisfy their cravings for the latest and greatest on cosmetic shelves, and now a new service is catering to the chefs in your life. John Besh, an award-winning chef and author from New Orleans recently launched a monthly subscription service consisting of personally curated gourmet cooking supplies called Besh Box. The box, which ships nationwide, contains a selection of Besh’s favorite recipes, specialty ingredients, kitchen tools, drink parings and other finds. One fun pick in our box was jalapeño seeds to grow our own hot peppers.


Pricing for the service starts at $55 for a one-month subscription, www.BeshBox.comand we're guessing gets you at least one home-cooked meal in your near feature.