hugh acheson pickling top chef judge Hugh Acheson, a chef and "Top Chef" judge, released a pickling recipe book called "Pick a Pickle" earlier this year.
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There’s probably one thing standing in the way of your cooking aspirations: your tiny kitchen.

Enter canning, which “Top Chef” judge Hugh Acheson will be promoting Saturday in Brooklyn for International Can-It-Forward Day. The presentation will be broadcast live at


“Canning doesn’t have to be the doomsday prepping you remember from your great-grandmother,” Acheson says. “You can preserve small batches from the extra tomatoes or berries you got in your CSA or from the local farmers market.”

Acheson, a James Beard Award-winning chef, started cooking in Canada when he was 15, but it wasn’t until he moved to the South that he began to appreciate canning.

“To me, it’s a gateway of getting people to cook. It’s not about high cooking skills, but all about being involved with seasonal food,” he says. “If you can boil water, you can preserve your food.”

Can-It-Forward Day, presented by Ball mason jar maker Jarden Home Brands, begins at 10 a.m. Or watch the demonstrations on jam making, mixology and urban gardening live online, where you can also submit questions for Acheson.

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