Model flaunts a LED light up bra. A model displays the LED light-up bra.

After five and a half years working in electronics for the U.S. Navy, Nick Kneuper went to a music festival and saw a piece of technology that caught his eye. And lo and behold, Electric Styles was born: an apparel brand that brightens your wares with electroluminescent wiring. The 2-year-old Californian company lights up a variety of clothes, from bras to hoodies.

Metro chatted with the ex-military man about his LED push-up bra, a $60-$70 brassiere powered by two AA batteries.

Why light up a bra?


Well, my girlfriend wore one to a club and the girls there went crazy over it.

Do you have any celebrity fans?

One of the top 20 most recognizable actresses in America is going to wear one of our bras in a 2014 feature film. But our clothes have been everywhere – [Brazilian actor] Rodrigo Santoro was wearing a light-up hoodie on MTV.

Which celebrity would you love to wear your bras?

All of them! But especially Megan Fox – I think she would love them.

Do you think one day people will wear light-up bras to the shops?

I think so. Culture is moving in the direction where light-up clothing is going to be everyday. Also you can wear them under T-shirts so they shine through. Anyway, in a couple of years light-up clothing will be the norm.

Would you make matching underwear?

Every girl asks for that. It’s difficult though because it’s too flimsy – there’s nowhere to put the battery pack.

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