Lily Aldridge

How do you make sure you look great in your underwear?
I do a lot of Ballet Beautiful (a method developed by Mary Helen Bowers, the woman who prepped Natalie Portman for the movie "Black Swan"). My body’s become more toned, more flexible, and I feel stronger, healthier. I’m not good at, like, aerobics or any kind of boot camp, but this is amazing, and it suits my body so well. Mary Helen and I, we’ll do bridge exercises for the butt, inner and outer thigh, work on the mat, arm moves, some cardio — it’s a full body workout. I work out five to six days a week, for an hour and a half each time, but make sure I take one or two days off when I do nothing but relax — you need to rest.

Do you work out as much once the show is over?
No. I’ll probably do one hour, three to four times a week. I have to stay in shape for Victoria’s Secret all year long, but it’s definitely not as intense.

As an Angel, is there a particular body area you’ve not been told to tone, but know you have to tone?
I try and not worry about what other people say. Everyone has their flaws… but leading up to the show, I’ll do like, a billion butt lifts.


What about your diet — do you eat better, or less?
When you work out a lot, you can indulge, so my diet doesn’t change too much. It’s not really about weight loss but about being healthy. I try and not eat a ton of salty things, so that I don’t hold water. I eat clean, simple, organic foods — lots of protein, lots of vegetables, and lots of avocado and salmon, as they make my skin look great. And I’m obsessed with roasting chicken right now. I’ve been making roast chicken and baked sweet potato every night — it’s really yummy and comforting.

You must be sick of it, surely.
No! I eat chicken all year. I love chicken legs, and chicken wings… that’s kind of like, almost a whole chicken.

What ‘you can't touch this’ food do you want to eat once the show is over?
I think everyone will probably eat a lot of junk food. I’ll probably go to Joe’s Pizza tonight and order a cheese pizza. I can’t wait-all dressed up in my after party dress!

What about your pre-show beauty rituals?
I’m pretty low maintenance. I love wearing an oil before I go to bed — it makes your skin very supple and pretty. I use the RMS beauty oil, and Rodin olio russo face oil. That’s pretty much it. I wish I knew more tricks!

How has having a baby (1-year-old daughter Dixie) changed your relationship with your body?
I’ve always been healthy. My life has changed tremendously — everything is about my daughter now. She’s the love of my life, my No. 1 priority.

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