Madewell Madewell’s new denim line is available in 12 washes and five fits and retails between $115 and $128.
Credit: Madewell



It’s a sad day when your favorite skinny jeans — the ones you live in and turn to when you need a surefire killer look— get baggy. Well, Madewell feels your pain and has created a brand new denim line made with a special high-quality stretchy fabric that fits, flatters and keeps its shape no matter how much wear and tear those babies see (no saggy thighs or knees!). Plus, the jeans are soft, not stiff, so they wont irritate your skin and are treated by hand — meaning no two pairs are exactly alike. The best part, though: free hemming on all jeans bought in the store. Shopping for the most essential part of our wardrobe just got easier.