According to career consultants Diane Crompton and Ellen Sautter, the stress of job searching can challenge even the most upbeat, energetic professional.

“To have the staying power and resilience you’ll need to succeed in your search, you need to maintain your emotional, mental and physical health,”?they explain in their new book “Find a Job Through Social Networking:?Use LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Blogs and More to Advance Your Career.”

Here are a few more of their tips for keeping up your energy during your job search:

1 Take a break from your search periodically to re-energize.

2 Plan some fun events that will make you feel good and build your energy and enthusiasm.

3 Don’t replay the negatives.

4 Plan an activity at the end of your day that will serve as an incentive to maintain your focus and productivity.

5 Realize that it’s normal to go through a period of mourning for the loss of your job and allow yourself time for this. To move forward through this process, focus on next steps.

6 Educate and enrich yourself: Read blogs, articles and books.

7 Use your computer to get useful information and connect with others, but use it wisely. Too much computer time can be counterproductive and isolating.

8 Stay away from or limit your time with negative people. They can zap your energy and make it harder for you to stay positive.