sweet_paul_wreath Check out this Jingle Bell Wreath from Sweet Paul Magazine.
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The latest edition of Sweet Paul Kids Magazineis full of fun arts and crafts to do with your children this holiday season, such as DIY doll houses and edible gifts. But their Jingle Bell Wreath looks especially tempting. They note it takes a little time, but once you're done, you have an heirloom wreath for years. Plus, it also can be used as a musical instrument. You can't say that about your usual holly wreath, now can you?


Jingle Bell Wreath

You will need:
Metal wire wreath form
Jingle bells, about 125
Thin silver florist wire
Wire cutter

1. Fasten your wire to the wreath.
2. Slide two bells on your wire and fasten to the wreath. Work yourself all the way around. Make sure the bells are tight next to each other.
3. Tie with a ribbon and hang.