Ask Siri to define mother.
Siri, Apple's personal assistant will cuss if you tell it to give you a second definition for "mother." Credit: Getty Images

Along with the many things you can make Siri do, you can also make Siri curse, too.

Siri, the personal assistant from Apple can provide useful information on a wide variety of topics. By simply saying “Hey Siri,” the Apple personal assistant can tell you the weather, play a song, or tell you a recipe for a meal you’re preparing.

While Siri can be useful for many different things, many people seem to ask it silly questions just to get a response from Apple’s artificial intelligence feature.

Some users have recently discovered that you can make Siri curse in a few short and simple commands.


How to make Siri curse

If you ask Siri to define mother by saying “Hey Siri, define mother,” Siri will provide you with the standard definition and then ask you if you need a second definition. When it does, answers “yes” and listen to what Siri says next.

“As a noun, it means short for mother*cker. “  Siri says.  

It was first posted in r/Apple subreddit, and according to users there, Siri will give this responds whenever you ask for a second definition after asking it to define the word mother.

make siri curse at you by asking it to define mother

While it might be fun and easy to believe that Siri is being cheeky and cussing at you, unfortunately, it is not.  It seems that Siri is using the Oxford Dictionary to pull definitions of words you ask it. If you look at the definition of mother, the second definition is the slang word “motherf*cker. 

It’s not clear if Apple used this opportunity to sneak in a little profanity through by way of its personal assistant app, it will make you chuckle a bit to think that there’s a possibility Siri is tired of you asking it questions.

The next time you’re bored and want to tap into your seventh-grade sense of humor, let Siri tell you the second definition for the word mother and you’ll be amused. Maybe Apple should release an option that allows Siri to use curse words whenever it provides an answer or gives a response. It just might make people want to use the app more. 

Ask Siri to define "mother"

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