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Heighten your sexual experience by actually getting high. Foria, a cannabis-infused "sensual enhancement oil," is now on the market, kind of — residents of California with a valid doctor's letter can purchase the spray.

Without using too many euphemisms, the weed lube is made from medicinal marijuana and coconut oil and works by spraying it six times on your lady parts. And then you wait about 30 minutes for Foria to work. You’ll either experience increased pleasure, or sleep like a baby. Either way, you can't lose!

The makers emphasize that exactly how you'll react can't be predicted, because the effects of marijuana change from person to person (and, apparently, genital to genital). If you want to know how other woman reacted, check out Foria's video of testimonials.


If you’re looking for a regular high — as if you took a pot brownie or a firecracker (which, thanks to a Metro intern, we now know is a pot-and-peanut-butter-on-crackers sandwich) — then take Foria orally. We're hoping the coconut taste overrides the cannabis; if not, it'll probably clear out when you’re satisfying your munchies with the leftover peanut butter and crackers.

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