Mario Lopez on the perks of parenting

He's a busy guy, but family comes first for Mario Lopez. Credit: Getty Images He's a busy guy, but family comes first for Mario Lopez.
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Mario Lopez has a lot to talk about. Hosting "Extra" and "The X-Factor" sparks plenty of discussion topics, but what Lopez really wants to talk about more than anything else are his kids, Gia, 3, and Dominik, 3 months. "What surprised me most about becoming a parent was the amount of love and the type of love you have for your kids. I had never thought anything like that [was possible]," Lopez tells us.




The TV personality's Mexican heritage plays a big role in how Lopez raises his kids. "Obviously speaking the language is important, but so is getting to know the culture," he says. And despite hosting two TV shows, he almost always makes it home for dinner. "Mealtime is huge for my family. We cook together and eat together every night," he says, adding that avocados are a staple in his house. "We are really into fresh avocados from Mexico. We have them for dinner and even breakfast, on top of eggs."

Another way Lopez celebrates his heritage with his kids is with plenty of trips to Mexico to visit his grandparents, who live there. "My grandparents are very important to me," he says. "We're actually going to Mexico for Christmas. My grandparents, my parents, my sister and her kids will all be there," he says.

Besides family traditions, his daughter has picked up something else from Lopez: performing. "Gia loves singing and dancing. She's in ballet and gymnastics. And she's really into music. She knows all the songs. I can't believe it!" Lopez gushes.

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