HOM_AirRam_3c_05 Gtech's AirRam, $349, available at Brookstone.


Forget unpacking a heavy vacuum, unwinding the cord and plugging it in the next time you spill a few measly chips or need to get the cat hair off your couch.
Gtech’s new vacuum is determined to make your life easier.


“Floor care has to go cordless — the vacuum is the only product we drag around room-to-room with a cable,” says Nick Grey, founder of the British design firm and inventor of the new device.


His solution is the AirRam, a sleek lightweight unit that runs on a rechargeable lithium ion batter that lasts up to 40 minutes and “is powerful enough to clean a four-bedroom home.”


Impressive, but it gets better. The AirRam is 20 times more energy-efficient than most vacuums. And it can be hooked up to your computer via a USB cable to find out information like how many calories you’ve burned during the chore and how much power you’ve saved.


“We try and make the product very smart,” says Grey. “It’s a bit ambitious to [call it] the iPad of vacuum cleaners, but it’s got one button. And you press your button, and whatever you push [it] over, it will clean well. It’s very simple.”

Since vacuuming isn’t our favorite household activity, we asked Grey some essentials:

How often should people vacuum?
“It’s not necessary to clean more than once a week unless you’ve got a really busy home.”

What are the benefits of vacuuming, not sweeping?
“Sweeping, if you’ve got mostly hard floors, is very convenient. You’d better have a pretty good vacuum to beat [a broom] on hard floors. The advantage to using a vacuum is there’s less airborne dirt; it all goes in and is contained. There are also no bristles, which can get dirty. The dust won’t blow up in the air, it will get sucked up inside.”