“Yeah, there’s a lot of energy and fun here – and I love London,” beams Imaan Hammam amongst the hubbub of the Victoria’s Secret hair and make-up area. The 18-year-old is one of five Dutch girls, including the brand’s contracted supermodel Doutzen Kroes, to strut alongside the other 26 models on arguably the most beautiful runway on the planet. While being Dutch apparently helps, the stunner, who is of Moroccan-Egyptian descent, talks about her VS debut in Earls Court, London and what it takes for an ‘Angel’ to earn her wings.

There are quite a few Dutch girls walking in the show this year. What’s your explanation for the takeover?

Yeah, five girls! I don’t know… we just have good food in the Netherlands. Yeah, it’s the food and the cheese.

Any cheese in particular?


Jong Belegen [laughs].

Is there much camaraderie between all the Dutch natives?

Yeah, we’re doing a group picture later today with Doutzen and everyone.

Has it always been your dream to walk for Victoria’s Secret?

Actually when I was young I used to watch this show every year and then two weeks ago I had the casting!

Were you nervous?

I was dead nervous. I couldn’t even believe it. And then two days after my agency called me and they were like, “You’re doing the show” and I was like, “Really? No way!”

It’s your first time doing Victoria’s Secret, so how did it compare to other shows?

Yeah, it’s the first time. You have to train a lot.

Do you now have abs of steel?

[Flexes her muscles] Yep, you have to be powerful but also be yourself — that’s what VS is about.

Did you have to change your diet?

A lot of vegetables, smoothies and plenty of water!

Are you going to let your hair down post-show?

I’m going to the after-party, then straight to my hotel room and ordering room service – hamburgers, pizza… everything. Now I need that stuff.

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