Bella Hadid and Victoria's Secret newbie Rachel Hilbert pose backstage.


This summer, 20-year-old Rachel Hilbert became the new face of Victoria’s Secret PINK. Now, the modeling newbie is having her VS Fashion Show debut. And she’s totally psyched. We caught up with Hilbert backstage before the show.


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This is your first Victoria’s Secret runway — how are you feeling?


This is such a big day! There’s just so much energy. I can really feel the adrenaline. I’m just really excited and trying not to stress out too much.


What have you been doing to prepare for the show?


Mostly just resting — and eating well. Avoiding carbs. I can’t wait to eat a pizza tomorrow.

When do you feel sexiest?

I have to say I feel sexiest when I just have had a nice workout and I’m sweating and have a clean face, no makeup. Though, a nice pair of heels always helps too.