As the mom of three boys --- Braydon, 6, Tucker, 4, and Mason, 2 --- Melissa Joan Hart and her husband Mark Wilkerson have seen their fair share of little boys clothes. Frustrated by the feeling that everything looked the same, graphic tees featuring The Hulk or Spider-Man, the couple decided to launch their own line, King of Harts (out March 2).

“We decided to use our little boys as inspiration as well as a ‘made in the USA’ theme, since everything is [produced] in the U.S.,” Hart tells us. “Our first Spring line is inspired by Montauk, New York, which is near where I grew up on Long Island. And then the fall line is inspired by Lake Tahoe, our favorite vacation spot.”

The couple also took boy’s rough and tumble lifestyle into account, adding extra reinforcement in the knees to keep pants from easily tearing. “We’re having so much fun with it,” she says, adding that most of the designs are her husband’s ideas. “This is something my husband and I started together because we wanted to do something family-related that we could be proud of while also bringing some industry back to the U.S. We’re so excited about it.”

The line will be sold online at and specialty boutiques country-wide. Prices range from $32-$88.

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