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Mesh sheds light on top 10 dating deal breakers

What are New Yorkers' top 10 dating deal breakers? Find out here.

online dating Mesh lets you weed out deal breakers ahead of time.
Credit: Colourbox

New online dating site Mesh bills itself as a meaner, leaner OkCupid. Unlike other dating sites, Mesh is highly filtered: Users who send typo-filled or inappropriate messages get sent to a "mismatch" inbox.

Another way to weed out undesirable matches is by using Mesh's "). " target="_blank">Dealbreaker" function. This allows you to set up to five questions (similar to those in OkCupid) that a potential match must answer correctly in order to message you.

So what are these top 10 dating deal breaking questions along with their "correct" answers? Mesh sent us the list compiled from their pre-beta users.

1. Do you believe in evolution? Yes.


2. Do you think that it's a sin to be gay? No.

3. Do you believe that it's wrong to use contraception? No.

4. Do you think that some races are smarter than others? No.

5. In the event of an accidental pregnancy, is abortion an option? Yes.

6. Are you against interracial marriages? No.

7. Do you smoke cigarettes? No.

8. Should men be the heads of their households? No.

9. Do you think that atheists can be good people? Yes.

10. Are you grossed out by fat people? No.

Considering that Mesh's pre-beta experience is only available in New York and surrounding areas for now, it's no surprise that most of the questions heavily lean liberal - dating deal breakers are probably pretty different in Oklahoma City.

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