young woman cooking at home No more perusing your iTunes for the perfect cooking music; Spotify has you covered.
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As anyone who has hosted a dinner party or tried to create a romantic atmosphere with a special someone knows that music is key in setting the mood. You could light some candles and cook a lovely meal of smoked salmon and couscous, but if Nelly's playing instead of Marvin Gaye, the vibe is totally killed.

Coming to the rescue is Spotify's app, Supper, which curates playlists based on what you're eating. And to make it even more awesome, Momofuku is getting involved.


Momofuku's chefs are sharing 12 new recipes you can make at home, as well as songs to play while you're cooking and eating. So, you can follow the recipe for Christina Tosi's Crack Pie while listening to HAIM and Peaches. Or, you could try your hand at the fried beef short ribs with apricot glaze, scallions and peanuts while singing along to a little Stevie Wonder.

Momofuku isn't the first restaurant to team up with Spotify to curate playlists and give recipes for the Supper app. Brooklyn Bowl, Roberta's Pizza (in Brooklyn) and more have also gotten involved. The app also has drink recipes and playlists to round out the dining experience. Click here to get the app, check out the Momofuku content and browse to see what other restaurants are featured.

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