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More than just a mom: How to take time for yourself and not feel guilty

Blogger Jordan Reid releases "Ramshackle Glam: The New Mom's Haphazard Guide To (Almost) Having It All."`

Ramshackle Glam "Ramshackle Glam" is the book every new mom needs to feel like herself - smart and confident, with a dash of glamour.
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Becoming a mom changes your entire world, and sometimes it can be a little difficult remembering who you used to be. But there are ways to still make time for yourself without being a "bad mom." Lifestyle blogger Jordan Reid's new book, "Ramshackle Glam" (named for her popular blog),is full of such tips. She shared some advice with Metro about how to stay sane while entering motherhood.

if you need them to. If they're really your friends, they'll come." She also says to be open to new friendships and not worry too much if you are going to offend other parents about their child-rearing philosophies. "Chances are, they're just as nervous as you," she says. "But everyone wants to be friends, so just be open-minded and accepting of a new friendship when it is offered."

Streamline your wardrobe

Between breast-feeding, changing dirty diapers and lack of sleep, putting on a cute outfit is sometimes the furthest thing from a new mom's mind. But wearing something you feel confident in can be energizing. "Find a silhouette you like and build around that. I like wearing a relaxed silhouette, so my wardrobe consists of relaxed T-shirts in neutral colors. Then I just build with a lot of leopard print and accessories," she says.

Minimize your beauty routine

Just because you take five minutes to put on a little makeup does not make you a bad mom, and it can truly transform your mood. Reid shares her favorite two-minute beauty routine in "Ramshackle Glam." "Just dab a tiny bit of concealer on six spots on your face: the outer corners of your eyes, the outer corners of your mouth and the corners of your nose. It will instantly make you look more awake." She also says she's a big fan of beauty products that pull double duty, like moisturizer with SPF or a lip balm that also adds color.

Don't hold grudges against your partner

When you're stressed out and tired, both you and your partner can say something regrettable. Reid's philosophy for this is to "love each other, take it back and then let it go." "You're both going to say things you don't mean. You have to let each other take them back," she says. While your relationship willinevitably change when you have a baby, the infancy stage won't last forever.

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