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Move over, Double Down: KFC releases fried chicken crust pizza

Did your heart just skip a beat for KFC's new 'Chizza'?
YouTube / Pizza Hut Philippines

Will the portmanteau foods ever stop coming?

KFC's latest Frankenfood is the "Chizza" -- it's a pizza with fried chicken instead of a crust. Be still, my beating heart. And call the ambulance .

Unfortunately (or thankfully), it's only available at KFC in the Philippines for now. The commercial shows a piece of fried chicken (we're assuming it's boneless) topped with sauce, cheese, peppers, pineapples and pepperoni. Dare we say it sounds kind of good, in a kind of gross way?

Anyway, the commercial on YouTube boasts that the Chizza is "why you should forget everything you've learned about pizza!"


To be clear, KFC means if you're a New Yorker, you should forget about a blistered, doughy crust from a wood oven, a rich, olive oil-velvety tomato sauce, slabs of real fresh mozzarella cheese and ... dignity. Who wants to book a flight to Manila?

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