These ladies are helping put their culture in the mainstream.

Hana Tajima
Famous for her simplicity and elegance, the designer launched a collaboration with Uniqlo and has 90 thousand followers on Twitter.

Amara Majeed ​
The 18-year-old behind the "The Hijab Project", where both Muslims and non-Muslims share their experiences of and reactions to Muslims in public.

Nadira Abdul Quddus
Rather than standing out for her style, she’s famous for her DIY. She can create any type of clothing with her famous tutorials.


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Anam Shahid
This 27-year-old, who has 24 thousand followers on Instagram, is the creator of the site "The Style Menu". She stands out for not wearing a hijab and embracing a more Western-leaning style.

Summer Albarcha
In 2012, she set-up the Instagram account "Hipster Hijabis". The 19-year-old American gives a colorful hipster pop to the traditional hijab.

Yaz the Spaz
She is the most famous fashion vlogger in the Muslim world. She began in 2010 with tutorials on how to put on a hijab and has more than 760,000 fans on Facebook and more than 66,000 on her YouTube channel.

— Luz Lancheros, MWN