momapp MomApp promises to make you the favorite child.
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You've already installed BroApp to text your significant other, and now you can use MomApp to text your mother. Creators Tom and James of Brisbane, Australia, released the app just in time for Mother's Day.

Users can choose and edit five or more text messages from a list of 20 default messages and schedule recurring messages through MomApp.

“I’m sure if you’d ask any mom about their adult children, they would wish for more contact to stay a part of their lives,” said James and Tom in a press release. The creators claim that this will help ensure you are the "favorite child."


Tom said in a statement that beta testers used MomApp for various purposes. “We are seeing people using it for a weekly hello, to teenagers using it to text their Mom when they get home from school," said Tom.

Tom and James told Metro in a previous interview that they created MomApp after they found out some of their users (including James' brother) used BroApp to text their mothers.

"My brother uses [BroApp] to text my mom," James told us. "When I told her about BroApp and an extension called MomApp, she was very annoyed and said she’d be outraged, but I don’t know if she knows my brother uses it."

Now all you have to worry about is getting in trouble for texting instead of calling.

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