Healthy kids’ meals
Feel a little less guilty about serving your kids dinner from the microwave. FreshDirect recently launched KidPower, a new line of all-natural, freshly made meals with plenty of kid appeal. These delicious sounding meals — Organic Turkey Sweet-ish Meatballs, Veri-Teriyaki Chicken & Noodles — all contain a full serving of veggies and are excellent sources of calcium and vitamins. Bonus: The inside of the packaging contains pictures for them to color in. $5 each,

Get it while you can
You know you love dunking your bread in buttery olive oil the second a waiter brings over the basket. And now you can dip away at home, too. Whole Foods Market is carrying a one-time batch of six extra virgin olive oils by artisanal Italian foods purveyor Gustiamo (which — cool fact — was started in the South Bronx by two Italian-born women). Each oil is from a different region of Italy and has a distinct flavor.

Gourmet and in the freezer
You’ve been talking about eating healthier and getting more veggies into your diet since the new year kicked off. Now you can finally do it with Four Tines Vegetable Dishes. These gourmet microwavable meals are made with organic, locally sourced vegetables that no one would ever suspect came from the frozen aisle. $6 each, Whole Foods Markets