American Girl doll Isabelle is on sale now for $120.
Credit: Courtesy of American Girl

The newest American Girl doll has everything the average 8-year-old wants: pink highlights, a fluffy pet kitten and love for all things dance. Like her shiny haired, gap-toothed AG sisters, Isabelle has her own personal story - three books and a DVD will be released this year - and a whole inventory of outfits and accessories you can buy for her.

Ten year old Isabelle lives in Washington D.C. and goes to the Anna Hart School of the Arts. At first, she doesn't fit in at her new school, but her passion for dance helps her find her place. Not fitting in isn't the only part of Isabelle's story kids will be able to relate to in real life. She also doesn't always get along with her older sister, who is the star of the school's ballet. Her struggles with jealousy, self-doubt and even bullying make her story multifaceted and helpful to girls who might not feel comfortable speaking up about these problems in her own life.


Of course there are lots of clothes and accessories to buy Isabelle, who is a budding style star. Her dancewear and street clothes are all super girly, which and kid coveting a doll with pink ombre is bound to get behind. Head to for more info.

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