New Emojis for 2019
Screenshot of current smiley emojis on iOs. Credit: Lenyon Whitaker

There could more than 100 new emojis coming in 2019, all of which include a sloth, a kneeling person, yawning face, skunk and a pair of underwear.

According to the Unicode Consortium, there were 104 new emoji proposals submitted this year which include everything ranging from new food and beverages to medical symbols, which will add to the already robust list of emojis we use to express ourselves in already in text messages and online communication. The new list of emojis submitted for consideration appears to fill in some of the blanks that the last emoji update left out. 

List of emojis submitted to Unicode for 2019

The 104 new emojis submitted to Unicode for consideration fall into  seven categories: 

Smileys & People  — 59
Animals & Nature — 7
Food & Drink — 8
Travel & Places — 6
Activities — 3
Objects — 9
Symbols — 12

According to Unicode, there were no flag submissions in the list of emojis submitted for consideration for next year. 


In the Smileys & People section, there was a yawning face, kneeling person, and a pinch emoji submitted as new emoji proposals. In the Animal & Nature section has proposals for a guide dog, sloth, otter, orangutan and a skunk. There was also a submission for a pink flamingo.

New Emojis submitted for 2019 consideration: sloth

In the clothing section, there might be new emojis for items including a sari, a one-piece bathing suit, ballet shoes, shorts and briefs witch both can be used to represent underwear and swimsuits according to the Unicode keyword descriptions.

Food lovers will be happy to learn that submissions were made for a waffle, falafel and butter emoji, although there is still a lot of room for improvement in the food emoji department.

In addition to all the new emoji proposals submitted to Unicode for expressions and objects used in everyday life, there at least six new emojis submitted that would fall in the accessibility category including a manual and motorized wheelchair, an ear with a hearing aid, and a mechanical arm and leg. 

new emojis submissions for 2019

The complete list of new emoji considerations for 2019 can be found on the official Unicode website. 

How to propose new emojis

While it may seem that there is an emoji for just about any online expression and some that have taken on their own unique and sometimes perverted meanings (think eggplant emoji), the demand for new emojis seems to increase each year.

If you’re someone who has wondered why certain emojis are missing and want to submit your own, you could submit a proposal for a new emoji.

According to Unicode, you must fill out an official “Form for Emoji Proposals.” In the form, you must include several details including the name, description, keywords, images, and how it would be used.

Although the deadline to submit your proposal for new emojis for 2019 has passed (it was March 31, 2018),  just know that you’ll have plenty of time to come up with new emoji ideas for the 2020 release.  All new emoji submissions must be reviewed by the Unicode team. If approved, it will be included the following year. 

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