glance google glass Glance is an upcoming Google Glass app that lets people see themselves during sex.
Credit: Glance

Have you always wanted to see what you look like during sex? Yeah, neither have we, but this new Google Glass app lets you see sex from your partner's point of view.

"Glance" lets you see what your partner can see during sex. It also records everything so you can watch it later, if you choose to save the experience. The company writes on its website: "Having sex with Glance brings a completely new perspective. Experience sex like never before. Simply swipe to a new perspective. And enjoy the new view. When you connect your phone, you can even see what it's like from any angle."

In order to activate the app, users say, “OK Glass, it’s time," to see what their partners see in real-time, reports the Daily News. In order to stop the images from streaming on Glass, users say, "OK Glass, pull out." How elegant.

The app is not yet available, but interested customers can sign up on Glance's website for the Glass app and iPhone app.

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