Yummiloo Rainbow Power Subliminally getting kids to eat their veggies? We're down with that.

No Candy Crush icons here! Children's media company Yummico - founded by "Blue's Clues" creator Traci Paige Johnson - recently released a new app turning learning healthy eating habits into a fun game for kids.

Yummiloo Rainbow Power features animated characters called the Yum Yums as they go on a food-filled adventures. One of the games kids can play using the app is helping the Yum Yums power a Rainbow Machine by fueling it with healthy foods. This helps kids realize what foods will give them energy without just spelling it out for them. It also teaches them the importance of eating a "rainbow" of fruits and vegetables.


The goal with games like these is that the healthy habits kids make for the Yum Yums will spill over into the choices they make for themselves.

Yummiloo Rainbow Power is $1.99 and available for iOS devices.

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