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New site for adult students

Introducing Metro’s new website, EducationOption.com. We checked in with editor Judy Weightman for the latest.

Introducing Metro’s new website, EducationOption.com. We checked in with editor Judy Weightman for the latest. Why you’ll want to click on over, whether you’re looking for a master’s degree or just starting out.

What is EducationOption.com?

It’s a new site designed to serve “nontraditional students,” aka “adult learners”: anyone beyond high-school age who’s thinking of starting or going back to college, or looking for a graduate program.

Why do they need their own site?

Traditional college-search sites target high-school students, who have different needs and expectations when they’re considering schools.

For instance, the kinds of information nontraditional students need about issues like financing are different: Adults want to know what tax credits are available for tuition and other expenses, or want information on financial assistance available from employers. High-school kids want to know what forms their parents need to fill out.

Also, adult learners are more likely to be looking at schools where they already live. For instance, someone living in Philly looking at MBA programs is going to start with Temple, Penn and Villanova, not Chicago or UCLA. So we provide localized databases targeted to specific regions.

What regions?

We’ve already got schools in the immediate areas around Philadelphia, Boston and New York City in our database. We’re adding the rest of Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York and Massachusetts, and will add Rhode Island and Connecticut after that.

What kind of schools do you include?

We have both colleges and universities — including two- or four-year schools, graduate and professional schools — plus trade schools and career training. All have information about the subjects taught as well as degrees or certificates available. So if you want to know where to pursue a certificate in IT, a master’s degree in business or a bachelor’s degree in nursing, you can search for that.

Is it just a database?

No, we provide narrative information on things like financial aid, the application process, how to pick a school, online vs. traditional learning and so forth. We cover a lot of this in our FAQs, and we’re adding more material every day. Plus some blogging, so there’s some fun stuff there.

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